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Ever wonder what your name would be if you were a cat? I know I have! The good news is that, thanks to Fresh Step, now you can find out!

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Funny Cat Pictures

Here is a collection of funny cat pictures and cartoons that are just for yucks. If you have one (or more) that you’d like to add, feel free — just

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Cat Knocks On Door

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Not sure how this kitty figured out how to, but he knocks on the door to be let in. Check it out:

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Cat Battles Yogurt Cup

Anybody who has ever been around cats much knows they love boxes, bags, and containers of all sorts. In fact, cats just love to get into stuff. And even though

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How To Choose A Cat

So You’re Ready For A Cat Did you know that cats outnumber dogs as pets in the US? It’s true. Now, I don’t have anything at all against dogs (in

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Can You Toilet Train Your Cat?

Cat Potty Training Let’s discuss how you can potty train your cat. First, we must establish some basic rules. It’s critical to remember that, for example, you must catch your

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New Cat Introduction

Getting A New Cat? Are you thinking about introducing a new cat in your home? If you already live with one or more other cats, this process requires knowledge and

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Responsible Pet Ownership

It’s a Responsibility Although most people would probably say that animals are not the equals of people, I believe that choosing to have a pet or pets entails a moral

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